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Are you ready to generate some extra income, perhaps even give up your day job and become an e-preneur. If you answered yes, chances are you are hunting for ways to make money online. There‟s tons of scams so you need to be careful. There‟s also tons of legitimate ideas that are either already flooded in the market or just don‟t generate enough revenue to make it worth your time, so make sure you do your research. One thing that always seems to work is online sales. With the right product you can make money, with a really good product you can make tons of money and of course, with the wrong product you‟ll make very little money, so make sure you do your groundwork before you jump in.

It starts by finding the product or service you are going to sell. Do your market research. Learn what‟s in demand right now, see if the market has room for a new competitor and then consider how you can make yourself stand out from your competition.

Some entrepreneurs set up an online store to help expand a business that has a physical location. This way you can generate an increase in revenue. If you aren‟t website design savvy, you can always hire someone to do it for you, or choose the services of one of the sites that is designed to allow anyone to design a website with absolutely no experience needed. However, you don‟t have to have a physical store, you can run your online store as its own entity and have no physical location at all. Your stock can be stored in your home or if you are offering a digital service your stock is on your computer. You can make a full time living selling the right product online.

You can also create a virtual store. An online store and a virtual store are different. A virtual store sells virtual items, often from within online games and they make „cold hard cash.‟ You create an avatar, set up shop and do business with other players. You can even advertise your real business if you like. It begins by finding a game that allows this type of store and then pay the fee to set it up. Once you are in, you have a lot of people within your reach from different locations and age groups. MMORPGS or massive, multiplayer online role playing games are a great place to set up this type of store.

If you are good at sales, like the environment related to selling, why not try your hand with an online store or virtual store.

#1 Printing Digital Products
E-products are convenient and popular, but some people still prefer to have a printed copy of a book in their hand or a CD with the pictures or information on it. They like to be able to feel it,
touch it, hold it. There are sites online that provide print as you go services, so you can offer the service, get things printed hassle free, and then return the finished product to your client.

#2 E-Books
Creating e-books or reports that a customer can download to their computer is a good place for any an e-infopreneur to begin. You can easily create a digital download. All you need to do is create the e-book or report and turn it into a PDF file, then take advantage of the many online providers that can sell your e-book for you such as Amazon or E-Junkie. This is a much easier option than creating a physical book, which requires you to invest in printing and then the distribution of that book. You will need to determine what is a profitable topic.

#3 Audio Products
Tons of people prefer to listen rather than read so consider an e-book that is also offered in an audio option. You can create a CD, MP3, or a podcast to offer to your customers. It‟s fairly easy to create an audio using a service like Audioacrobat or some other similar service. It allows you to earn two income streams off of one product.

#4 Affiliate Advertising
Affiliate advertising can be a profitable form of online income if you have a blog already and now you want to start making money off of it. Some of the easiest ways to start generating affiliate advertising income is through sites like Google, Commission Junction or Clickbank. Affiliate advertising is performance based so you don‟t earn any money until someone actually clicks on the link. You aren‟t likely to get rich on this, at least early on, but it can provide another income flow option.

Here are 4 ways you can make a legitimate income online. There are others. Just avoid the sounds too good to be true offers, because they are.

#1 Design websites and graphics
One of the best places to find work online if you are a computer programmer or designer is Elance.com. Companies will post the job they need done and the freelance will bid on it. The company makes their decision based on bid price and portfolio. Elance takes 4% to 6% commission.

#2 Tutor kids
If you have your college degree you could consider tutoring kids in math, English, social studies or science. Work as an independent contractor and earn $10 to $15 per hour depending on hours worked and subject. Active tutors easily earn from $800 to $1600 a month. Tutor.com is a good site to explore if this kind of work interests you.

#3 Provide customer service
Many retailers are now outsourcing their customer service operations to companies like Alpine Access and Working Solutions who then contract to home based workers. If you think customer service can‟t be fun, it‟s probably not right for you. The best customer service reps love to help their customers and find it fun and rewarding. These reps usually work 20 to 40 hours per week. The hourly rate is $9 but agents earn as much as $13 with incentives and special projects can pay as much as $30/hour.

LiveOps runs a similar kind of company, but its service reps are all independent contractors and they generally invoice for $10 to $15 an hour depending on the call type. With LiveOps you decide how many hours to work.

#4 Sell your crafts
Do you make jewelry? Paint? Knit? If so, there are all kinds of great ways for you to sell your handmade goods. Etsy is one of the most well known sites. You have your own online store where you can showcase the items you have created. It costs nothing to become a seller on Etsy, but it will cost you 20 cents to list an item for 4 months. When it sells you pay 3.5% commission to Etsy. It is a reasonable listing fee so vendors can afford to list their items. There are other sites like Jewelry Wonder and ArtFire that are worth looking at.

These 4 ways to make money online can have you doing it with fun and that‟s an added bonus!


Making Predictions
If you have a talent for making accurate predictions this might be exactly what you need. Can you forecast election results? Are you good at predicting the direction gold prices will go? Then you might want to check out the predictive sites where you can earn money predicting the rise/fall of financial assets. You can make your purchases at binary option brokers.

Intrade is another website where prediction making happens, but with a twist. You can predict hundreds of events like Academy Award winners, presidential election results, etc. You buy shares if you think an event will occur or sell shares if you think it will not occur. If your prediction is accurate you make money. If you are wrong, then you will lose money.

This type of money making opportunity requires a bit of a „risk‟ personality where you aren‟t too worried about your betting and the losses that can occur. You can quickly lose a lot of money. Of course, you can quickly win a lot of money too.

Take Online Surveys
There is certainly no shortage of online survey sites and you can give your opinions while earning money. You can find a job by visiting sites like ZoomPanel.com or GlobalTestMarket.com. You earn points and rewards for taking a wide range of opinion surveys.

Ejury.com is another site that pays you for being part of a mock jury online. You are paid $5 to $10 for every verdict. The attorney prepares his/her case submission. This is made up of facts from each party‟s perspective. EJury converts the attorney‟s submission into an online format and then posts it to a secure ewebsite location where only Ejurors have access. They review the facts of the case, provide answers to the questions, hit the „submit verdict‟ button when done and get paid.

These methods will make you some extra spending money, but they won‟t make you rich. However, not everyone that wants to make money online is ready to quit their day job. These are two great ways to make some extra dollars.

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