Ways to Earn a Passive Income from Home!


The Best Way to Earn a Passive Income

There are many ways to generate income and a passive income is one of those ways. Being able to generate a passive income takes a special skill. Your audience can be fickle. If they feel you are more concerned about the money than them, you will fail. Your intent needs to be about helping others.

Initially you are going to need to put in a lot of time. It‟s hard work to get a passive income flow going and to build that success. It doesn‟t come overnight, although many would like you to believe this. Just because you have your product it doesn‟t mean you can sit back and relax. There really isn‟t a 100% passive income, because you always have to be managing what you are doing. You need to build automation, but to do that you first have to create trust with your followers or audience. That‟s where initially you have a lot of time invested, which will decrease, but you will always be involved.

You will need to find a market that works for you. You will need to find a niche market that you can help based on your experience and passion. How well you serve your audience will dictate what your earnings are. Don‟t just pick a niche because it‟s currently „hot.‟ You are going to need to continue to build, write articles, and market that product and new products that fit under that initial niche for years to come, so make sure it‟s a niche you can handle, otherwise you will not enjoy success. Instead, try to fill a gap in the market in the niche that interests you.

You will need to build a platform so that you can start to share your product. This could be YouTube, it could be a blog or whatever other market interests you. You don‟t have to reach everyone. That‟s a waste of effort. Instead, focus on reaching the audience that would be interested in what you have to offer.

Determine which products are going to serve you best and then offer your audience value. In fact, offering them something of value for free helps to establish trust and interest so that they are far more likely to buy whatever else it is you have to offer. They now know you have expertise in your niche and something that‟s worth listening to so they are ready to pay.

As your passive income builds and you become comfortable in your business, make sure that the profit never becomes your main motivation, because when it does you set yourself up for failure.
Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money

Are you looking for a way to earn money ? With the right „gig‟ you can earn a full time income and get out of the 9 to 5 rat race. Here are 5 ways to make money online quickly and without a lot of effort.

#1 Transcribe Audio – Finally, more websites are beginning to offer written transcriptions for those that are hearing impaired, which makes that transcriber‟s job in demand. While it doesn‟t always pay a lot, it also doesn‟t require a lot of work or a commitment from you. Check sites like Elance or Guru for these types of jobs. 3

#2 Participate in Online Surveys – You won‟t get rich on this, but they also don‟t take much time and you can create a little extra cash flow for yourself.

#3 Edit Audio – If you are familiar with sound editing software there is a job opportunity waiting for you cleaning up online interviews, webinars, webcasts, etc. Visit employment sites like ODesk or Elance.

#4 Enter Contests – Whether you are a writer or a photographer, whether you design logos or create backgrounds, there‟s are tons of contests running looking for the best „product.‟ You don‟t get paid unless you win so you will need to enter as many contests as you can find in your niche. Success is often minimal, but it only takes one big win and you‟ll be very happy.

#5 Flip Domain Names – Domain names are as valuable as real estate. Well, actually, they are online real estate. Some people have figured out a way to make a very nice income buying and selling domain names. Use Google Adwords to find trending keywords and then use that information to choose domains to flip. Short, straightforward domains are pretty must all bought, so you will likely have to settle for acronyms, initials, the use of dashes, etc. Be creative when you are trying to buy domain names. Even if the main keyword isn‟t available you can work off of that keyword and incorporate it with other words.

Making a living quickly and easy by making the right choices. With so many opportunities online it can be difficult to determine what‟s the right way. Part of it depends on how much time you have available to you and where your interests lie. One thing is for certain, there are tons of legitimate ways to make money online, so why not start today?

Make Money Writing

A quick search and you will discover there are many ways for you to make a living online. If you like to write there is a complete world that opens up for you. There is such a demand for writing, editing and proofreading that if you are at all any good you should not have any trouble finding projects.

There are many places to find writing assignments online. Sites like Guru.com, Elance.com, oDesk.com demandstudios.com and associatedcontent.com are all options. The first three, Guru, Elance and oDesk are setup in a manner where you bid on writing projects that are posted by clients with a need. Your fees vary as do the commissions, so compare and choose which setup seems to be right for you. Elance has the lowest monthly fee, which is rather appealing and oDesk seems to be the most difficult to work on.

Associated Content and Demand Studios offer a different way of writing. They hire experienced freelance writers and editors. Demand Studios pays between $15 to $100 per assignment. An added bonus is that you could be eligible for health insurance if you meet activity requirements and tenure. Associate Content offers three ways for you to make money. You can get paid upfront anywhere from $2 to $15 per article, you can earn performance payments of $1.50/1000 page views or you can be assigned articles and get paid from $10 to $100 per article.
At Associated Content there are three ways to earn money: Upfront payments for content you write ($2 to $15 per article), assigned articles ($10 to $100 per article) and performance payments ($1.50 for every 1,000 page views of your article if it‟s posted online).

Editing jobs and proofreading jobs are also readily available, especially on Elance and Guru. Again, you bid and then wait for the vendor to make their decision and pick a provider.

You might consider writing an e-book and marketing it through one of the many self publishers, which includes Amazon, which is an excellent way to make a steady stream of passive income. Don‟t just write any e-book. Seek out a niche that you have something to share and make sure that the market isn‟t already saturated. Selling e-books can make you a solid income when done right.

You might also decide to launch a blog in a niche you are interested in, then as your readership grows, you can start to post ads or affiliate promos to make money. AdSense allows you to make a little bit of money every time someone clicks an ad. Amazon offers an affiliate program where you earn a commission if a purchase is made through your link.

Writing offers an opportunity to easily make a full time income. So if you love to write, here‟s your opportunity.

How to Generate a Real Income

Every time we jump onto the internet you hear all the get rich schemes, calling to you. “Make a million your first year.” “Work an hour a day and earn $30,000 a month.” Trouble is people are still falling for these schemes. Yes, you can make a good solid living online and yes, you can be an e-preneur, but you must be willing to work hard and put in the time. There is no free ride to making money online. Let‟s look at some legit ways to make a real income online.

#1 Sell on Ebay or Etsy
There are many people that make a full time income selling stuff on e-Bay or Etsy. Whether you want to sell your vintage clothing, cool new jewelry or anything else, one of these venues could be right for you.

#2 Teach Online
If you like to teach but would rather do it from your home, you could think about teaching for one of the online schools. There are a number of opportunities online. Take the time to explore the online schools and find a good fit for you. There are books and reports available to help you get setup to teach online.

#3 Videos and Webinars
The internet provides a terrific opportunity to teach viewers about all kinds of things from how to knit to how to train your dog, and everything in between. You can create a video or webinar to help those interested and you can charge for these. It‟s a far more lucrative service than print material is and it’s also still very untapped so the opportunity is there.

#4 Create/Sell Products Online

This ties in with #1. Look at your own creative talents and what you can do and then take advantage of them creating a product you can sell. You can sell crafts, jewelry and vintage items on Etsy. You can use other sites to handle printing needs or to sell your photos. There are plenty of options for selling depending on the product you have for sale.

#5 Provide Writing or Content Services
If you like to write and you feel you are good at it, you can offer those writing skills to others. You can find work as a technical writer, content writer, editor, proofreader, and the list goes on. Sign up at one of the many sites that provide a way for writers and clients to connect and start selling your services.

There are 5 ways for you to make a real income online. Pick one and start becoming an epreneur.

How to Make Money With Online Content

Online content offers a great way to make money, to earn an income online. Let‟s look at a few of the top ways to do that.

#1 Freelance Designing
As a freelance designer your income potential is good. Create a website for yourself that showcases your portfolio. Find work online in the classifieds and begin to build your profile. It will take you some time to get established, but it is well worth it as there is a lucrative income awaiting you.

#2 Sell Your Music
You can sell your music directly from your own website. Radiohead did it a few years ago and raked in tons of money just by asking for donations. It made news headlines. As an independent you can do this. Many are now. You don‟t need a middleman and you don‟t need a big label to sell your music.

#3 Sell Stock Photos
If photography is your hobby this is an excellent way to make money from it. People constantly are searching for stock photos by keyword, so find your best photos, upload them to a site like ShutterStock or Fotolia and start making money. It isn‟t a lot per sale, but if you have enough photos up there you can build a nice side income that will surely come in handy.

#4 Sell Your Articles
Websites, marketers, small businesses – they all need top notch content that integrates their keywords so that they can drive traffic to their site. Initially you won‟t make much, but as you build a reputation you can start to charge more for your services. You can even submit your work to a few formal publications.

#5 Sell an App
The apps marketplace includes millions upon millions of users and so $1 or so per sale can generate a lot of money, if it‟s an app that there is demand for. If you have a really good idea, but you aren‟t a programmer it might pay to hire a programmer. Just make sure that you retain all rights. Also make sure the idea isn‟t already out there or it could make it much harder for you to make money. A good app can make you rich, pretty darn quick, so if you think you can fill a niche and you don‟t see a solution on the market that fills that niche the way your app would, then go with it and don‟t miss your opportunity.

Make Money Online Thinking Outside the Box

There are all kinds of ways to make money online. More than you might think! But right now let‟s look at some „out of the box‟ ways to make money.

#1 Build Your Niche Directory
There are many different directory sites online and there is certainly room for more. You can set up a a directory site that lists existing directory sites. Gather a list through research, then sell ad space to generate revenue. You can charge a monthly fee to have an ad appear on your site. You can also offer a paid listing that has more to offer such as better placement.

Make Directory Submissions
For a blog or website to be successful it needs traffic to generate revenue. There are different kinds of traffic. One way is to submit to directories and this can be a very time consuming process, which is why so many bloggers and webmasters pay someone to do it. You can be that person. Charge a fee to submit to directories then use forums like DigitalPoint to help you do the task quickly.

Create Videos
There‟s a huge interest in videos these days, so there is always more room for videos online. You can upload the videos you make to sites like Break or Revver. They will then share them and you‟ll get a percentage of their ad revenue as well as a fee each time your video is downloaded.

Create Backgrounds for MySpace
There‟s a market for backgrounds for MySpace. They are not hard to create but most people won‟t take the time. This is an opportunity for you to offer a service where you create custom MySpace pages for a fee.

Create YouTube Videos
YouTube is useful in getting known on the web. In fact, it can create instant stardom quite easily. YouTube and other sites like make it easy for you to have an opportunity to be discovered. If you are a talented singer a record label might see you. But that‟s just one way to make money on YouTube. You can create product review videos linked to an affiliate program and generate a commission. You can also create courses, offering the first video free and then pay as you use.

Design Custom T-Shirts and Other Cool Things
If you are always coming up with catchy phrases, there‟s a market waiting for you. You can make a good income designing and selling t-shirts and other cool things on sites like CafePress. You spend nothing on stock, printing designs, shipping or processing payments. CafePress takes care of all of that. You just design, create, upload and send buyers to your page. You can earn a decent income.

Now that your thinking outside the box, don‟t stop here. There‟s tons of other ideas out there.

Use Online Marketing to Make Money

Are you looking for a way to make money online? If you answered, yes, the good news is that there is no shortage of ways to do so. Here we are going to look at 3 ways to use online marketing to make money online.

#1 Become an Online Mystery Shopper
Almost everyone is familiar with mystery shoppers in our „brick & mortar‟ world, but with more and more businesses entering the virtual world, it is becoming far more common for mystery shoppers to be working online. You need to be ready to front the cost of the purchases and you‟ll need to be a good mystery shopper to be reimbursed. Read the directions given to you very carefully and then decide if that job is for you. It‟s best to invest only in products you could have used anyway.

This is pretty straightforward. You are simply marketing seminars online. It‟s a lot cheaper than doing „live‟ seminars and you don‟t have to repeat the same seminar over and over. If you are an expert or authority on a specific topic/subject others will be willing to pay to listen to what you have to say. Record your seminar, which online is called a webinar, in a location that looks profession and then post it.

#3 Affiliate Marketing
This is by far the most popular and most effective way to make money through online marketing. You promote someone else‟s products/services without having to invest in inventory. You incorporate affiliate ads into your website or blog through top notch articles. If you have strong content this can work well, but you must make sure not to become spammy.

If you have tons of traffic you could consider doing cost per click advertising. You won‟t make much per click but if you have volume this can be a great way to build revenue. When they click on the ad you get paid. They don‟t have to buy anything or stay for any period of time, so it‟s easy revenue when you have adequate traffic flow.

If you have really strong content, consider cost per acquisition advertising. With cost per acquisition advertising you make a good commission, that will either be a fixed rate or it will be an agreed upon commission that you will be paid each time someone makes a purchase on your site for that affiliate company.

You can see how making money online does not have to be complicated, especially when you are using online marketing opportunities.

10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

One of these 10 legitimate ways to make money online is sure to catch your interest and remember this is just the beginning of what you could do online. You are limited only by your own e-preneur ideas.

1. Play Games – make money playing online games like Second Life or Farm Gold. You can make virtual money and exchange it for real money.
2. Design & Build Websites – If you like designing websites, why not make money doing it. You can design sites and you can even set up a hosting plan so you are actually hosting their site, creating a residual income.
3. Flip Domains – It‟s the equivalent of house real estate, but it involves domains. Build a website, work on it until its stable, and once it‟s making some coin and ranking well, you flip it.
People like websites that they can just step in and go. Every day websites are sold by the hundreds on websites like Flippa.com.
4. Designing Logos – Most websites want a logo for their site and since every day thousands of blogs and websites come to life, you can see where there is an opportunity to make money if you are good at designing logos. There are tons of free software packages available for you to design in.
5. Craigslist – Is one of the most visited sites online and therefore there are all kinds of opportunities. Look for free items in the free section and then turn around and sell them for a profit.
6. Sell on eBay – Everyone can sell on eBay and you are likely already somewhat familiar with it. It‟s a great place to start an online business if you have the right product to offer.
7. Paid Searches – There are way more search engines than Google or Yahoo and you can actually create your own search engine that fits a specific niche. Then you can sell advertising and place ads to make money.
8. Product Reviews – Setup your own blog or website and begin reviewing products. Website owners will you to post a review of their website on your website. It helps get the word out and you make money. You can also be an affiliate for certain products and make money that way as well.
9. Design T-shirts – If you love to create cool designs or you are always coming up with catchy phrases then you‟ll be great at designing and selling t-shirts and other custom products. Sites like CafePress offer you an easy way to market your products and there are also crowdfunding sites that offer you a great way to sell your products and not invest any money.
10. Create Digital Scrapbooking Templates – There are huge numbers of people that scrapbook and they pay dearly for templates they like so if you can make different kinds of templates that are easy to use, you‟ll build a strong following and make money.


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