How People Earn Passive Income with Social Networking


1. Social networking – Social networking has become very popular and many businesses are recognizing the value of making sure they have a solid social networking program in place. They will pay people to manage their social media and make regular posts.
2. CPA marketing – Cost Per Action or CPA marketing is much easier to make money on than affiliate marketing. As long as the person clicks the link and goes to the merchant‟s site and carries out the action required, such as signing up for the newsletter, you will earn your commission. Most times there is no need to generate a sale in order to earn commission. What makes CPA marketing so lucrative is the at no money has to be spent for you to earn money and that makes it very attractive.
3. Sell your art or craft online – If you create stunning works of art or you love to craft you can sell your wares on sites like Etsy where you set your price, or Ebay where you auction off your items or set a fixed price. There are tons of other sites so find the niche for your product.
4. Drop ship – There are tons of online sites that allow you to create a free storefront and be a drop shipper. You don‟t have to do anything but get the customer. The rest is taken care of by the provider.
5. Money exchangers – Convert online money through money exchangers. They take a fairly big cut when converting currencies. You need to have a store front, you get to invest money, and you can do it all online with little hassle. A simple website, and you can start making money making conversions.
6. Job referrer – Unemployment numbers are staggering and it has never been more difficult to find a job. So here‟s a job opportunity for a few that want to make their living online. Sites like
Referearns or WiseStepp will pay you for referring new employees. Refer the right person and earn up to $1000. Wow!
7. Blog commenting – For a blog to rank well there needs to be comments and interaction. Bloggers are busy creating blogs so they will often hire a person to comment on their blog and generate good conversation that leads to sales.

Out of 7 different ways to earn money online, one is bound to catch your interest.


The ways to make money online are constantly changing and evolving as more opportunities become available. Let‟s look at 3 ways to make money online that you might not have normally thought of. You don‟t have to put out a single penny and you can begin to make some money. These three opportunities are smaller gigs that can generate a steady stream of cash, which can really add up.

Provide Answers
This is the perfect gig for anyone who loves information. There are a few different ways you can make money. You can get on as an expert in one of the sites like JustAnsweres or Kgbanswers. Customers ask a question and an expert replies with an answer. ChaCha is another site that you can provide advice, although the pay ranges from 1 cent – 20 cents so you need to build a real following in order to do well.

Pitch Products

Pitching products of others online is a great paying gig. One way to do this is as an affiliate at one of the huge sites like where you can earn commissions that are a high as 25%. When someone buys a product that you are pitching you will earn a commission. You can choose from the millions of products on the site and that includes computers and gift cards.

Perform a Microgig
You can provide services online at task marketplaces like or where workers complete tasks starting as little as $5 per job. You can also head to where there are more than 200,000 tasks listed to make money online with various work requirements and pay. Once you complete a task, your pay goes into your Amazon payment account. Your skills can be used for almost anything. You will be competing against those in developing nations, so you have to be willing to work for pennies. There is still money to be made as long as you carefully assess the task before taking it.

10 Steps to Earning an Above Average Income Flipping Websites

There are so many scams online it is difficult to figure out which ones are real and how you really can make some money online. There‟s no question you can make an above average income online – even a six figure income; however, with many you need to be very patient.
There is one opportunity that offers you a solid income and doesn‟t take time to build – flipping websites. This is an opportunity to create a 6 figure income for yourself.

1. Begin with a topic that you enjoy and are familiar with so you can create content and articles that are interesting.
2. Purchase a domain name that will work well with the topic you decide on and then get webhosting from any hosting company.
3. Begin building your website using one of the many building tools that are available. Web-host often offer website building tools.
4. Begin creating articles and content on the topic you have chosen. If you don‟t like to write, you can hire a freelance writer for a reasonable price. Consider adding photos to your content.
5. Before you start to promote your site you will need a way to make money. You can add an affiliate product or you can sign up for Google Adsense. Your focus is on getting your site to make as much money as you can so combine opportunities.
6. You will be promoting your website and the your content using article sites and social media like Facebook or Twitter.
7. The money is going to start to flow into your PayPal account. Keep promoting your site and focusing on making as much money as you can. Keep track of every penny it makes.
8. After 6 months you should calculate how much income you have generated and then double it to get the revenue for the year. Now‟s the time to sell.

9. Set your price. Generally a site sells for 2 to 5 times more than than the income it earns yearly. So if you made $20,000 in that 6 months you could sell your site for $40,000 to $100,000. The larger companies are more likely to pay higher prices than a smaller company.
10. Congratulations, you‟ve built your first website and flipped it. Now it‟s time to do it again.

Website flipping is a bit like real estate. In fact, it‟s online website real estate rather than house real estate. You build, design, create something that‟s attractive and desirable to others and then you sell it. What an easy way to make a comfortable living.


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